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The Word of God 2013 Community Fall Retreat

September 19 – September 20, 2013
Friday 7:30-9:30PM — Covenant Community Church
Saturday 8:30AM – 8:30PM — Faholo Conference Center


PREFER TO PAY BY CHECK?  Download the registration form here (same form for regular and student registration), fill out, and follow instructions for payment and mailing.
        CLICK HERE to view and print out registration form!

PREFER TO REGISTER AND PAY ONLINE?  Follow instructions below.  When paying online your name, address, . . .  will be captured when you pay via PayPal.    

STUDENT registration (14-22 yrs) ONLINE Click Here


Select package desired ONCE for each person registering 

      $28.00  Retreat + Saturday Lunch and Dinner 
F R E E Saturday Pancake Breakfast — Click here to send email to let us know you’re coming for breakfast
      $18.00  Retreat + Saturday Lunch
      $18.00  Retreat + Saturday Dinner 
      $10.00  Retreat Only — NO MEALS
     $12.00 Saturday Dinner Only